River Run Charolais

River Run Charolais Stud Sires

Baroola Astrix

We purchased Astrix at the 2007 Baroola sale after having the opportunity to see him at the Ekka.

Astrix is an upstanding bull with smooth shoulders and deep sides & flank. He is soft skinned covering easily with scans at 21 months showing 7/6 and 133 sq cms ema and weighing in at an impressive 910kg.



The growth & scale of this easy travelling bull are reflected in his EBV's.  Check out his excellent Genestar results.

His first calves are due to drop in the spring of 2008.

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1152497249.jpg  Marbling 41 1171881757.jpg  Tenderness 45 1171880013.jpg  Feed Efficiency 4 8_1207833540.jpg


River Run Zoom

A very easy keeping smooth coated bull with consistent low birth weights and a perfect temperament.  For us the temperament and carcass qualities of this bull put him out in front.

Whether over stud or commercial cows these attributes consistently shine through.

1150345922_zoom.jpg       IMG_0700_1207835098.jpg

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1152497249.jpg  Marbling 4 1 1171881757.jpg  Tenderness 4 6 1171881803.jpg  Feed Efficiency 4 6 1171881803.jpg



Bandon Xquisite

Purchased at Ag Show in 2004 Xquisite has produced all that we had hoped for.  With outstanding carcass characteristics, his calves are thick and robust from the moment they hit the ground. 

bx2_1210043448.jpg   IMG_0890_1210042858.jpg

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1152497249.jpg  Marbling 4            Tenderness 4  6 1171881803.jpg  Feed Efficiency 4  6 1171881803.jpg


  Admiral small 1177585049.jpg IMG_0310 1184586841.jpg



Coominya Vesper

Purchased at Ag Show in 2002, Vesper soon became a favourite, sadly however he is no longer with us.  He produced consistent lines of easy doing, growthy progeny with a number of females being retained.

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1152502936.jpgMarbling 3   1 1171881757.jpg       Tenderness 4  5 1171880013.jpg  

River Run Anzac_1209727401.jpg    IMG_0044a_1222942989.jpg


AI Sires  

River Run Zappa 

Impeccable temperament, polled, free moving, short coat, easy doing, great feet & legs and backed up with great EBV's.

Zappa's Genestar results are outstanding - he carries 3 stars for Marbling, 7 for Tenderness and 8 for Feed Efficiency.  This rates him as the one of the highest tested Charolais bulls in Australia.

Sired by one of the world's best for birthweight and milk in WCR Sir Duke 835.  

                  1150345925_zappa1.jpg         1150345923_zappa5.jpg


We sold Zappa in 2006 but retained a semen share.

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1152497249.jpg Marbling 4  1150670248.jpg Tenderness 4  1150670258.jpg  Feed Efficiency 4  8_1207833540.jpg




EC No Doubt

EC No Doubt boasts a set of EBV's that rank him as one of the most balanced sires in the Charolais business.  He combines the extra rib and volume from his sire, Grid Maker, into an eye appealing, stout made, muscular package. Polled.


ECNoDoubt2022P_1235458133.jpg  Click here for pedigree information


GCR Mighty Adonis

GCR Mighty Adonis will provide exceptional calving ease. He has proven himself as a leader in the breed by performing in carcase trials. Polled.

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